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Consign With Us

At Sweet Seconds Consignment you can earn extra cash when you clean out your closets and your home!  It's so EASY to do!

Just make an appointment and then get your items all ready to go!

Consign and shop for quality used items at Sweet Seconds in Titusville, FL


CLOTHING:  Go through your closets and find those great items to consign (women's or men's)- you can bring them in on hangers or folded nicely in totes or shopping bags.  We are not able to accept items in garbage bags.  Here's what we are looking for:

      • seasonal items
      • all sizes of quality and designer clothing and accessories 
      • purchased new within the last 3-5 years
      • authentic (it is illegal to sell counterfeit/fake goods)
      • in amazing condition - neat, clean, pressed (items sell better when they look great and are ready to hit the sales floor)
      • no stains - check for grease stains on front and check the collars, armpits and cuffs
      • no rips, holes or tears (unless purchased new in that condition)
      • no other damage (pilling, fading, worn out)
      • all fasteners are attached and working (all buttons attached, zippers in working order, snaps snap, etc)
      • jewelry should be clean with working clasps (place jewelry items in individual ziplock bags to keep them from getting tangled)
      • shoes should be clean and without cracked material, scuffs/toe marks (a magic eraser does wonders for getting most shoes cleaned up)
      • purses should be free of marks/stains on the inside and out as well as checked for money, wrappers or any other items left behind
      • all items must be free of any fragrance/odor

HOME DECOR:  Clean out those great home items that just don't work for you

    • We accept home decor items that have been purchased new within the last 3-5 years that are current styles and trends.
    • They must come in a box or bag properly wrapped and protected
    • Items should be clean, in working order, with all parts included
    • Small home furniture items that are easy to carry and can fit in a vehicle or SUV are accepted.  We no longer accept larger furniture pieces. 



  • Call 321-225-8048 to make an appointment with us or make one online at: https://calendly.com/carrie-tki/consignment
  • Bring us your items on hangers, in totes/boxes/shopping bags (no garbage bags accepted). We accept up to 25 items at a time. 
  • We'll go through your items and let you know what we can accept.  Items not accepted will be returned to the consignor or donated
  • All items accepted for consignment will stay on the Sweet Seconds sales floor (with select items going onto our website) for 60 days. (Exception:  holiday items will expire at the end of the holiday season and may not receive the full 60-day consignment period based on the date the item is received.)
  • We use our expert knowledge of the consignment market to maximize the value of your items
  • Consignors receive 40% of the final selling price (less any taxes and fees).  This money goes directly onto your account
  • Items we price under $50 will not be returned to the consignor at the end of the consignment period.  Items priced over $50 can be picked up at the request of the consignor
  • Items requested for return within 45 days of the consignment drop off date will be charged an early pull fee of $5 per item. 


Some brands do not sell well for us or hold their resale value so we may not accept them.  We take into account previous sales patterns and brand history.  Our goal is to sell your items at the best prices and in the shortest amount of time to make room for new merchandise arriving.

Please ask any questions during your consignment appointment - we're here to make the process easy for you!